Beer and A Big Mixer

I received a text from my friend Terry this morning. He needed help with his new to him commercial stand mixer. He is finally starting his baking business. Terry is by far the best baker I have ever known. His bread will make your meal. His cakes are a religious experience. His wife and family have finally given him the push to start what he has been talking about for year.Terry's bread

Terry picked me up on the home from getting the mixer. First we ran over to Hawaiian Time a little Hawaiian restaurant for plate lunch and then next door to the Growler Run one of my favorite beer places. The the Growler Run always has a great selection of beers. Terry likes beer even more than I do and it’s always great to enjoy a pint with him. Today I had a Suicide Squeeze from Fort George. It’s a great IPA with a nice smooth hoppy flavor that went well with the plate lunch. The Growler Run

So this mixer is a big old commercial  stand mixer. A lot of people have Kitcheaid stand mixers. Those are usually around 5 quart capacity. Terry has a slightly larger version at 7  or 8 quarts which is fine for most cakes and other sweets he makes but has become to small for the bread orders that he now has to fill. His wife decided that he needed a real mixer for his bread. She jumped on Craig’s list and found him a 12 gallon beast of a mixer.

We arrive at his place, back into the driveway, open the garage door and try to get this massive pile of steel out of his van. While I’m not sure how much this thing weighs but needless to say it was all we could do to get it un loaded and into his garage. I’m positive I heard a sigh of relief come from that poor little van when we finally wrestled that poor little van. We really should have found a couple of twenty somethings to get this mammoth beast but where is the fun in that.

It is great to see him moving towards his dream! I’m really excited for my friend and his new adventure!


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