Flying Bike!

This last weekend took me to Seattle for the International Food Bloggers Conference. I spent long weekend(Thursday through Sunday) with my good friend and business partner Perry Perkins eating and drinking our way around the Emerald city. Thursday Perry and I had the pleasure of going to the Flying Bike Co-op Brewery in Seattle. This is a cooperative brewery and if you are wondering what that means here is a definition of a co-op. “Co-op is an association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual, social, economic and cultural benefits.” This brewery does this very well.

Our friend Amy is good friends with one of the brewers there.  After the introductions the tasting started.

They had nine of their beers on tap that evening.  I of course had to try them all!

“I started with the Lavender Haze IPA.” I am not a huge fan of lavender but it was quite good. Perry really enjoyed this one. He has a different idea of what a really good beer is, which is a good thing. That way he doesn’t drink all my beer!Flying bike taste
The “FlyPA” was next. I am an IPA fan and this was a great beer. Nice and hoppy everything I expect from an IPA.
The next beer I tried was the “Bike Rye’d Saison.” It was a nice fresh beer with a nice spicy finish.

“The Storm cycle CDA” was probably my favorite beer of the night. It went down way to easily. This is a great example of a Cascadia Dark Ale with hints of malt and lots hop. Just a really great beer! Had to bring a growler of this back to share with my fellow beer snob Terry.

“Penny Farthing Golden Wheat Ale.” This was my number three pick. It was a very drinkable beer that I could drink all day. It would go great with some BBQ!

The “Fresh Hop Harvest Ale” was a good little beer. I really enjoyed this light fresh hopped seasonal beer.

“Pale Hoppy Thing” a great crisp dry hopped northwest pale ale.

“Airship Ale” lost of malt and hop! This was a great beer.

“1 Up” the description on Untappd says it’s a twist on their “Penny Farthing Golden Wheat Ale” that has been conditioned on wild mushrooms. It was a great beer.

By this time we were running out of time and had to run because of dinner reservations at “Fare Start“. Which is a whole different story.

This is a wonderful little brewery. The people were great. They knew we were from out of town and treated like family. Their beers were awesome! I will definitely be back! If I was in Seattle more often I would definitely joy the coop.
Ps. Flying Bike is right next door to Naked City Brewery & Tap House. If I hadn’t run out of time I would have given them a try as well. Next time!


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