So Many Beers!

IMG_0577About a year and a half ago I started tracking what beers I’ve tried. In that time I have tried and rated 337 different beers. No I don’t have a bunch of little note books. I use UNTAPDD, a social media app for beer drinkers. You make friends/followers. You do checkins, rate your beers and earn badges. You may be saying wow that’s a lot of beers. I didn’t know that there was anything but Coors Lite. If that is you, I’m sorry you have been missing out. There are so many great beers being made today. From the big major brewers around the world to the little Craft brewers that started in somebody’s garage. I have had just a small sample of what is available. A friend on UNTAPDD has almost 2500 distinct beers. Now that is getting up there.

Looking back at some of my favorite beers of the last year a few stand out. One of the most recent is Sins of Our Fathers barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout from Crooked Fence brewing. It has a lot of coffee and chocolate notes and at 10% ABV it packs a punch. Belhaven Scottish Stout we get at The Highland Still House a local Scottish Pup here in Oregon City. They have a whiskey list that is pages long.

Anything from Southern Tier Brewing company will make for great evening.

The Oatmeal Porter from Fecken brewing in Oregon City. Oh so good. As far as porters go Black Butte Porter from Deschutes Brewery in Bend Oregon is What I measure all porters against.

The Scottish Ale from Two Kilts Brewing is a favorite. Having met and spent a little time with their brewmaster Alex makes me believe this company is going places. They have so many great beers.

IMG_0570RuinTen triple IPA from Stone Brewing Out of Escondido California is about as good of an IPA that you can get. Mega Dank double IPA from Heathen brewing out of Vancouver Washington is also high on my list. With great hoppy flavor and a wonderful nose. Another Couple of IPA’s that are high on my list are Shadow Ninja and its big brother Super Ninja from Loowit brewing also in Vancouver. Hop Venom from Boneyard brewing company out of Bend Oregon.

You will come to the conclusion that I really like IPA’s. Look down the list I drink probably 4 IPA’s to any one other type of beers. It is not that I don’t like other kinds of beer, I like beer any way I can get it. Ok so some of the sour beers are a little out of my preferred taste but I will try them all.

As my good friend Perry say “I am always looking for my next favorite food.” I am always looking for my next favorite beer!


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