For the love of beer

My name is Chris and I love beer!

Drinking beer is only part of the beer experience. If drinking is the only reason then this is not the blog for you. The people that make and serve the beer. Also the places that it comes from. The major high volume brewers and their distributers to the guy brewing five gallons at a time in his garage. That is what beer is about.

I am not an educated brewer or critic. I don’t even claim to be an expert. I am just the guy next door looking for my next favorite brew. I like to share beer with friends both old (Terry an Perry two of my oldest drinking partners [not because they are old, they have just been around the longest] who you will see in my pictures often) and new (the people I meet along my journey).

Chef's Terry, Perry And myself.

Chef’s Terry, Perry And myself (on the right).

Often people will want to know what wine should I serve with this or that meal. I on the other hand want to know IPA or Stout, Pilsner or Red etc. A lot of my friends don’t care for wine but like beer, So I like to try different foods and beer combinations to see what works well together. A while back I had purchased a Rogue brewery Sriracha Stout. It went very well with some cheese and apple slices I had fixed for an afternoon snack. A nice IPA goes well with some Tuna Poke on a warm day after a cooking gig. IMG_0469You just never know what might work until you try it.

I will always be in search of my next favorite beer and the food to go with it. I hope You will enjoy this journey with me!

PS: There might be a good whiskey or tequila thrown in along the way!

PPS: Oh yeah and some really great food!


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